Asking and Answering Questions During the Conference

Method 1 (Chat): Ask a question during the session by entering it into the chat.  Moderators will read these questions and give the Presenter a chance to answer

Method 2 (Raise Hand): Raise your hand to request to be unmuted.  Moderators have the ability to unmute Attendees.

For Presenters

Things to do BEFORE Conference Day:

  1. Download Zoom if you do not have the App.  Create an account if necessary
  2. Download your Personalized Zoom Background
  3. Find your Presentation Links: Tab to PresenterLINKS
  4. Contact: (+1) 425-891-5233 if you have technical questions

On Conference Day

  1. Sign-in to 
  2. Access Full Conference Program Here
  3. When it is your time to Present
    • Use the PRESENTER LINK from PresenterLINKS  NOT the ATTENDEE LINK
      • Links are presenter and event specific.  
  4. Enjoy the Conference as an Attendee