The 32nd Annual ITFA Conference will be hosted on Zoom Events, Please familiarize yourself with the Zoom Events platform in advance of the live event days to ensure you are able to log in and access our event. If you are unable to log in to Zoom Events, please contact Event Support as soon as possible. Please note: you must have the latest version of the Zoom Desktop Client installed to attend a Zoom Event (Download Here.)


1.Open web browser and navigate to:  Event Platform 
2.Click Register in the bottom right corner
3.Agree to the recording and livestreaming disclosure
4.Fill out Attendee Info
5.Click on Place Order
6.On the confirmation page you can now add this event to your calendar
7.Congratulations – you are now registered!


1.Log in to Zoom Events at with the same email address you registered for the event with.
2.Click Tickets on the top right of the page.
3.From there, you will see your ticket listed for this event and can click Join Lobby


1.Error Message: “Unable to Join Lobby”
This is most likely due to a mismatch between the Zoom account you registered with and the Zoom account you are currently using.
Solution: Open your Zoom Desktop Client and  log out. Log back in with the Zoom account you registered with.
2.Error Message: “Update Required”
Solution: Click the top right of your Desktop Client and click  “Check for Updates.”  Zoom will automatically update the client and relaunch. 

If at any time you need assistance, please contact Event Support